Our Company

Our Company

The foundation of our company is based on following the traditions and human values implanted around the agriculturalist’s work environment and life style. All of these values have transcended along each generation of the Johnson Llona’s family. Hence, Mr. Hernan Johnson Llona with the support of his children founded Johnsonfruit, one of them being Mr. Hernan Johnson Undurraga who is now the CEO of the company.

Johnsonfruit (Agrícola San Luis de Yaquil) is a family company focused on the production and exportation of fresh fruit with the highest standards and quality in the market. We only export fruit produced on our own orchards in which we produce cherries and table grapes.

We are specialists in positioning our orchards in strategic geographic locations in the 6th region, where we create a sustainable, competitive advantage in the various markets.

Throughout our past 20 years of business we have experienced a consistent growth, especially with the development of new business units.

We have built a team in which its members show solidarity, consistency in their work ethics, are competent and qualified workers, and with a long term projected mentality.

Our company always welcomes continued growth in the face of interesting investment opportunities, which generate value to our assets (orchards) and business environment.


Our Facilities and orchards are strategically located in the IV region of Chile, where we benefit from a Mediterranean climate, warm temperate in summer and cold with a lot of precipitation during winter, special for the production of table grapes in the highest quality.

As a result of the strategic location of the orchards in the region, we have availability of fruit in the 3 stages of the season (early, mid and late). Our cherries offer start from week 46 until the second week of January, while our table grapes offer start from the first week of January until week 16, with new varieties (from IFG, ARRA and SNFL) as well as traditional varieties.

We are licensed for the production and exportation of IFG’s varieties, as well, we have excellent relations with ARRA and SNFL (AMC).

Johnson fruit Facilities

Johnsonfruit Facilities This project is in constant development in order to maintain the best quality and condition of our products.



Our mission is to produce and export fresh fruit with the highest quality, satisfying our clients in the different international markets. Focusing in export only fruit from our own orchards and being present in each stage of the process, we assure you a reliable quality along the seasons.


To achieve sustainable growth and provide the Chilean society and our international clients with good quality, fresh fruit for a healthier diet delivered right to their tables, plus positioning our brand and products in the most exigent markets in the world.


Confidence given from our professionalism and condition reflected in the quality of our products. "Reliable Quality".


JOHNSON FRUIT, establishes as an essential foundation its food safety policy, customer satisfaction related to the quality, safety, legality, and authenticity of the products we offer, and that will allow us differentiation. Our policy is defined as follow:

In compliance with the current legislation and regulations, as well as the quality, safety, legality, and authenticity requirements and specifications demanded by our customers, we are continuously improving food safety and the Quality Culture on our site. Train and train human capital with the purpose of continuously improving their technical and laboral skills as well as  heir ethical and moral conduct, ensuring agile, fluid, timely, dynamic, and flexible communication both internally among our workers and externally with customers, suppliers, authorities, information entities, and organizations.

Invest in infrastructure equipment, human resources, and technology in a planned way, in accordance with the growth of the company and the demands of the market and customers. Oriented to the realization of processes and products that guarantee the QUALITY, SECURITY, LEGALITY, AND AUTHENTICITY of our products and services.

Ensure strict quality and safety standards for the products we produce, establishing a periodically reviewed HACCP Plan that allows us to satisfy the requirements of our customers globally.